Statistics have shown that the highest rate of drug abuser lies in the age range of 18 to 25 years. It also shows that nearly 570,000 individuals lose their life each year due to drug abuse. This is the reason why getting rid of drug addiction is so important for addicts.

There is a procedure to cleanse the addict’s body and remove traces of any drug that he had been abusing. It is called Drug detox and has got many forms. Detoxification holds a big place in most of the rehabilitation programs for drugs. What this process does is helps the body to get rid of all the toxins that the drug may have left back. As the toxins get cleansed during the detox, the cravings of the body reduce for the drug. This also decreases the chance for the addict to get back to the drugs after the treatment.

Various Types of Plans to Detox Drugs

The list of drug detox methods has quite a few inclusions. The counselor of the addict in consultation with a doctor will decide on which procedure will be the best suitable for the patient. The methods include:

  1. Detox by natural ways:

If an addict recedes from taking the drug of his/her choice, this detoxification procedure starts in. There will be withdrawal symptoms very soon that the addict will be experiencing.

  1. Medical Detox:

It is mainly recommended for detoxification from opiate drugs as for example, prescription pills or heroin. This form of detox uses medicines like Suboxone or Methadone in order to stabilize the nervous system while the body cleanses itself of the harmful residues. It prevents the withdrawal symptoms and allows the patient to carry on with his daily life without any problem.

  1. Social Detox:

This process of detoxification is also referred to as the inpatient detox process where the patients are closely monitored by medical professionals in closed environment. The patients are generally kept in private groups or in their own homes. The patient would be under supervision of the team of medical professionals. They will be tracking the recovery throughout. What this brings is medical support for any emergency cases as well as emotional and psychological strength. This helps to recover at their own pace without the usage of any medication.

  1. Detox by medication:

Unlike medical detoxification, the patients are not given any replacement medication. This method aims to provide the patients with non addictive prescribed medications while treating the detox symptoms. As for example, a sleep inducing pill may be prescribed for a patient having problem to sleep during the detox process.

  1. Ultra Rapid Detox:

This process of detoxification asks for the patient to be anesthetized. Once the patient is under the spell, medications like Naktrexone are administered in order to start the withdrawal. The patients are known to face withdrawal symptoms at drastic pace that is monitored by medical teams. Well this detox method often raises the flag and is not available in all the treatment centers. It is often noted to have an increased rate of relapse in comparison to the other options.

On the occasion that you are looking for procedures of how to detox for a drug test, you can search up the web for the best treatment centers to totally detoxify your body.

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